Case Study on Being a Scientist

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Reaction Paper: Case Studies on Being a Scientist “On Being a Scientist” is a well-written informative guide that can be used as primer grounds for beginners and professionals. It is a very useful tool for students like me who likes to pursue the dream of becoming a successful scientist someday. Topics on responsibilities of scientists, values and ethics in science, advising and mentoring, research misconduct, laboratory safety, authorship and the allocation of credit, conflict of interests, the behavioural expectations within the disciplines and the roles of scientist in the society were briefly but concisely presented. The knowledge I got here is exactly a building foundation that can lead me to my success in the scientific world.…show more content…
So “what should have Joseph taken earlier to avoid the problem” and “what actions should Joseph take now to avoid future disappointment?” Joseph should have discussed the status of his thesis with his research adviser and thesis committee members before planning his future to avoid the problem. He can even discuss his future plans with them if he is comfortable with it. Frequent meetings should be held if possible. He should build a better relationship with his thesis adviser to avoid future disappointments. Case Study 2: The Selection of Data Treatment of data is a major part of a research. I compare these data like a piece of evidence that should be held with care to avoid contamination. The second case is about Deborah, a third-year graduate student, and Kamala, a postdoctoral fellow, who need to decide if they are going to drop out two anomalous data points for their presentation because they thought these points might be a consequence of electrical power fluctuation which they could not control. Kamala is concerned on the additional tedious task that the inconsistencies will cause and the credibility of the research might be at stake. Deborah on the other hand is concerned that their action would be seen as manipulation of data. I think Kamala and Deborah should decide taking into account factors such as accuracy and credibility of their research. I strongly believe that selection of data is a
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