Case Study on Broadway Cafe

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Case Study on Broadway Cafe
Part 1:
Business decision –I:
Ethical business practicese include assuring that the highest legal and moral standards are identified in your relationships with the people in your business community. You know the most important person in your business is your customer. You should always go for long term profit instead of short term profit. A reputation for ethical decisions creates trust in your business among business associates and suppliers. Strong supplier relationships are critical to a successful business. So customer trust is only kept , if they are treated as initially they were promised to be treated.
So considering this fact As a professional businessman the first step I will take is hear out Mr Brawner in detail. At the moment Mr Brawner is also a customer to me so giving my full attention to him is part of a pleasant business environment. I will ask him various question from different angles to check what are his intentions are for the stuff he requires.
After listening to Mr brawner in detail I will ask him to give me a week’s time before I could come to any conclusion. This will give me time to think over the issue in detail with my team. Bringing your team in confidence is key to a healthy business. After analyzing Mr brawner’s demand in detail I will make a decision. My decision will not only depend on achieving short term benfits to me. Such a decision will be taken which has no affect on a particular customer’s
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