Case Study on CadMex Pharma

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Globalism has resulted in a number of changes for the economic viability of the modern corporation. As both the developed world evolves in their new market structure, the developing world adds to the pressures and changes necessary to do business in the contemporary environment. Doing business is not the same worldwide, and the citizens of the global village realize that there are different cultural norms, behaviors, and expectations that stakeholders of all types have when thinking about the modern corporation. Business ethics sets up standards for organizations to act in a way that may be considered right or wrong, or at the very least acceptable or unacceptable. As trade barriers are falling around the globe, differences in morality are gaining more interest regarding such issues as human rights, political behavior or even environmental conservation. The core purpose of a multinational business is to continue to grow the organization, find more resources, develop more product and convert new customers. Without fiscal advantages, organizations would not have the impetus to expand globaly greater profits, less regulation expense, tax incentives, larger universe of workers, etc. Multinational corporations do, however, need to keep in mind that customs, laws, and expectations may very well change by country, but that there are still remaining overall global moral standards of behavior (Mayfield, 2003). Our case study revolves around CaDMex Pharma, a pharmaceutical company

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