Case Study on Castle Nursing Home

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A REPORT ON THE POSTION OF CASTLE NURSING HOME PLC Executive Summary: This report is commissioned to examine the current position of Castle Nursing Home PLC, since it is evident that the top-line and bottom-line have been adversely affected. The report draws attention to the existing status of Castle Nursing Home. The strategy to grow and re-organize has resulted in the need to streamline its operations, so as to retain its focus, quality of services and reputation among the public. Further investigation into the organizations financial statements, proves the company is going through a rough patch but has chances of improvement. This report also provides clear insights as to what strategies the organization can use, to help improve the…show more content…
TQM is an approach for developing, sustaining and refining quality on all levels in the organization, in an economic way, to allow for customer satisfaction. If Castle Nursing Home implements these, it would help:      Cover all functions and include all people within the organization. Examine all costs incurred. Develop policies and procedures that support quality. Meet needs and expectations of customers and Develop a climate of continuous improvement within the organization. Castle Nursing Home can also adopt quality accreditations like ISO 9001 Quality Management System: Requirements, ISO 9004 Quality Management Systems: Guidance for Performance Management, ISO 14001 (Environment Management Standards), OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standards, European Quality Awards and EFQM Business Excellence Model. These accreditations would help Castle Nursing Home to get recognized for its quality and would also force it to adopt measures of continuous improvement and self-assessment. Quality Improvement Techniques can transform Castle Nursing Home and help it achieve competitive advantage. Some suggestions are:  Higher annual returns.  Lesser rework and waste.  By providing value for money.  Providing services such as spas.  High technology-based medical services.  Retaining of administrative and clinical staff.  Hygiene
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