Case Study on Future Scope of Nanorobotics in Medical Field

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2 3 Keshav kumar EE Pawan Garg EC, Prince kumar Teli E 1 2 3, Institute of Technology &Management, Bhilwara 1

ABSTRACT Nanorobotics, just as with all nanotechnology is still in very early stages of development and as such is largely based within electronic engineering and physics and concerns micromachining, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)and Scanning Probe Microscopy methods. Research into any particular method for creation of nanorobots will largely depend on the group carrying out the research rather than the subject within which they are based. For instance, IBM research (gives an idea of the
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Also macro scale robots or micro robots which can move with nanoscale precision can also be considered nanorobots. .LIST OF NANOMEDICINE: It is the application of nanotechnology (engineering of tiny machines) to the prevention and treatment of disease in the human bodies. More specifically, it is the use of engineered nanodevices and nanostructures to monitor, repair, construct and control the human biological system on a molecular level. The most elementary of nanomedical devices will be used in the diagnosis of illnesses. A more advanced use of nanotechnology might involve implanted devices to dispense drugs or hormones as needed in people with chronic imbalance

or deficiency states. Lastly, the most advanced nanomedicine involves the use of Nanorobots as miniature surgeons. Such machines might repair damaged cells, or get inside cells and replace or assist damaged intracellular structures. At the extreme, nanomachines might replicate themselves, or correct genetic deficiencies by altering or replacing DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecules. Introduce the device into the body: .The first is that the size of the nanomachine determines the minimum size of the blood vessel that it can traverse. We want to avoid damaging the walls of whatever blood vessel the device is in, we also do not want to block it much, which would either cause a clot to form, or just slow or stop

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