Case Study on Google

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Executive Summary Google offers benefits and perks to its employees, this made the company known as “the best company to work for” for two years running, as named by Fortune Magazine. All these benefits were made by the Google executives so that employees would feel that they are valued, and focus more on their work. However, despite the many benefits, perks and amenities that the company provides, many people are still leaving. An example of this would be Sean Knapp and two of his colleagues, who handle Web Video, that despite being offered a “blank check to stay” at Google, still left to start their own company. This would be no problem if it was an isolated incident but it has become an alarming trend in the company since other…show more content…
By giving his talented and innovative employees recognition, they can be motivated to stay with the company. This can be done by implementing recognition programs, such as “The Most Innovative Idea of the Year”, “Programmer of the Month”, etc., to give due credit to the innovator/creator of the product. This will

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