Essay on Case Study on International Joint Business Ventures

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Executive Summary

Attaining global competence when entering into international joint ventures, in order to be successful, is dependent on developing a strategic approach to Human Resource Management (HRM) that ties to Business Strategies and to the overall Organization’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. Through problem analysis of this case, this paper will show evidence that international initiatives must be tailored to implement HR policies and practices that will complement the workforce taking in consideration sensitivity issues internal and external to the home-country, cultural awareness and differences in standards such as education and diversity. It will be stated that remedies that would bring about organizational
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This appears to be a movement towards a Global Strategy and an Integrative IHRM approach, an approach that includes a blend of parent practices with host practices of human resource management. He was cautioned, only to ignored, by the assistant manager that this would not be perceived well by the employees.
Subsequent to this initiative, Zukowski began an analysis of the organizational structure. He identified such changes as a reduced workforce and outsourcing to be a way to reduce expenses that would hopefully increase productivity and profit margins that would translate to more benefits for employees. His initiative was rejected. Management withdrew guidance and support. Zukowski continued to push forward his own view towards changes to compensation which gained approval from the parent organization. The complexity of these changes confused the Polish management and employees only to be rejected. The Director’s reaction was to proceeded in the development of what he perceived to be a less autocratic approach, a formulation of committees that would form part of the decision making process. Progress was disappointing as management self interest was focused on gaining power, the opposite to the concept stated as a component of the participative process. This concept was disbanded for lack of results. Further change to the organization towards a production team structure was the result of consultation with friends back home and only one member
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