Case Study on Marketing of Cisco Systems

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Branding and marketing are important concepts for any business. This case study will explore the Cisco marketing case study in the Kotler and Keller, 2012 Marketing Management textbook. First off, the study will explore the differences between building a brand in a business to business context versus building a brand in a consumer market. Furthermore, the study will also explore if Cisco's plan to reach out to consumers is a viable one. First off, branding in a business to business application has some notable differences over the consumer market. Cisco had to utilize some ingenious methods of branding during the marketing of its routing and networking products. Cisco's original product line was made for sale to other businesses for…show more content…
These are a few of the concepts associated with business to business branding, however consumer branding relies on some different concepts. Consumer branding utilizes a different thought process and marketing campaign. Consumer brand awareness can often be on of the root cause that drives purchasers to buy a product. Often this can be even determined by the popularity of the brand or if the brand shows individual prosperity. For example, clothing brands are often sought after by teens due to the popularity of the brand at a school. Additionally consumer branding is often marketed on TV commercials, during sporting events or any public gathering. In general, consumer brands are marketed to the entire audience with the perception that a certain percentage of people in the audience will be interested in the product due to fact that it can be used by just about anyone. Brand loyalty is important to the consumer marketing process. Goodson, (2007) proclaims that “ brand loyalty is critical to Apples success” (p1) even when consumers experienced problems with iPhone. In consumer brand marketing, marketers gain consumers by almost brainwashing them with advertising. This is a multimillion dollar process for many companies and is swept across a broader audience in consumer marketing that's in business to business marketing. These are the basic concepts of consumer branding; however Cisco's move in

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