Case Study on Mental Capacity Essay

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4 Be able to manage the risks presented when balancing individual rights and professional duty of care 4.1 Describe ethical dilemmas that may arise in own area of responsibility when balancing individual rights and duty of care 4.2 Explain the principle of informed choice 4.3 Explain how issues of individual capacity may affect informed choice 4.4 Propose a strategy to manage risks when balancing individual rights and duty of care in own area of responsibility Mrs X has diagnoses of early stage of dementia moved in to our community from her own home, where she was independent and on the assessment family did not mention any concerns. Mrs X moved in to independent living where on the first day of admission…show more content…
Mrs X always wanted to take a chance and leave the building using her good communication skills asking relatives of other residents to open the door for her . I did make sure that all that is in her service user plan ,and her risk assessment(all updated regularly), and the DOLS are reviewed. I make sure that all staff in whole community were aware of the resident trying to use a lift just to go out and the current and possible risks of her doing that. In the potential risk if Mrs X will find a way of leaving the building on her own staff is aware of the missing resident policy. I did put a plan in place were all staff in the building are aware and they always wait until lift closed before they attempted to make any move. Our concierge is aware that if Mrs X will be on her own downstairs to call immediately a team leader. Mrs X family are aware of all the situations by regular family meetings and phone call conversation. Mrs x is going for a regular walks were all staff is involved in taking her out-sometimes every hour where it seems to help her and she is calmer afterwards, Mrs X is aware that this all is in her best interest and that the care staff are always available for her if she wants to go to the shops or outings . Mrs X is always coming at around 8-9am in the office shouting that she wants to go home and that we have no rights to keep her. After offering reassurance and a
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