Essay Case Study on Operation Management

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Final case study on Fresh Salads Ltd:
The Iceberg lettuce harvest
Harvinder kaur ratol (1210240)
University Canada West
Professor: Chris Tabi
MBA 510: Operations Management
23rd March 2013

This paper illustrates the importance and use of operation management in order to deal with different task within the one organization. It provides the information regarding the transformation process, operations objectives and company operations which helps an organization to perform various tasks. It also focuses on various problems regarding capacity and management faced by the company. In the end, it provides the solutions to co-op with the problems. The information in this paper is taken from internet, slides of operation
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* The cutters work on the ground in the front of the rig, which slowly moves toward them. They work slowly backward by standing on the back of the row of lettuce. The cutters have good cutting speed that is eight second per iceberg lettuce. * The pickers pick the cutting lettuce and then cut them with the sharp knife and remove the outer leaves and then put the prepared lettuce in to the polythene bag attached to the cutter’s waist belt. They produced the quality lettuce. * The cutters choose the under –size, poor shape or damaged product and throw them further forward straight into plastic crates for subsequent industrial processing. These are known as process grade. The cutters throw the best-quality wrapped lettuce to the packers. * The packers pick the lettuce and then seal the bag with the tap by placing single layer of lettuce in to the cardboard trays. They select the best quality of lettuce for the supermarket and the remainder for the wholesale market. The full trays are quickly pushed forward to the final group of employees who work further back on the rig. * The three workers erect the cardboard trays from flat cut and creased blanks and then fold and tuck the lettuce and one skilled crew member can make and stack the trays. * The next and the final task is the labeling of the all supermarket lettuce. These labels customize the lettuce and also provide bar code. After one
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