Case Study on Recruiting for the Ritz-Carlton

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Title | Page No. | Company Overview | 1 | Case Summary | 2 | Question no-1 | 2-4 | Management Process | 2-3 | Measurement of recruitment effectiveness | 4 | Question No-2 | 5-7 | Conventional recruitment method | 5-6 | Creative recruitment Method | 7 | Recommendations and Conclusions | 8 | References | 9 |

Company Overview:

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. is the parent company to the luxury hotel chain, Ritz-Carlton Hotels. The hotel company is
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The organizational needs are tied to the overallstrategic business plan. The needs are in terms of number, quality, and specialized skills and talents in every area of the organization's activities. The use of strategy in recruitment is intended to attain the objective "Matching People with Jobs." With the absence of this approach, an organization may have to change its plan and may end up "Matching Jobs to People." This goes against the direction of a business plan. Strategic recruiting maysometimes need to go beyond just filling empty positions. It can focus on discovering talent before it is needed, capitalizing on windfall opportunities when there is an abundance of highly qualified people" This is proactive action to ensure that nothing is left to chance. There is correlation between the HRM strategy and the overall corporate strategy. As HRM as a field seeks to manage human resources in order to achieve properly organizational goals, an organization's HRM strategy seeks to accomplish such management by applying a firm's personnel needs with the goals/objectives of the organization. Specific HRM functions, such as recruitment and selection, reward/recognition, an HR plan, or learning and development policies, would be tailored to achieve the corporate objectives. Strategic Human Resource Management helps you achieve success. Strategic human resource management aligns your human resource function to your core business objectives. Strategic HR
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