Case Study on Rock 'n' Reggae Outdoor Summer Music Fest

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Decision-Making Game 9 Rock 'n' Reggae Case Project: Project Management Decision-Making Game Abstract The management of the Rock 'n' Reggae Outdoor Summer Music Festival requires a well laid out strategy that will incorporate all the required activities and their costing. In addition, the organization need to understanding of the goals in order to achieve success in this endeavor. This document outlines the preparation of the major activities and in project planning in general including the financial implications. Introduction The Rock 'n' Reggae Outdoor Summer Music Fest will require the technical knowledge and more so in undertaking specific tasks. Planners R Us have established the procedures to be undertaken in accordance with the vision and understanding of the expected outcome. These tasks require timely execution and the project management need to be decisive and quick in action. With the magnitude of this project, the arrangements of activities and success of their undertakings depend upon Planner R Us capacity, organization specifically the management and the team. Therefore, the project requires a team ready to deliver on time and with quality as per the customers' expectations. For the successful completion of the project, the management needs to outline the requirements in terms of both input and output incorporating necessary steps such as research, personnel, technical knowledge as well as the financial implications. According to Nokes (2007), project

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