Case Study on Tata Motors and Ford Motors Mergers and Aquisition

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Abstract: In June 2008, India-based Tata Motors Ltd. announced that it had completed the acquisition of the two iconic British brands - Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) from the US-based Ford Motors for US$ 2.3 billion. Tata Motors stood to gain on several fronts from the deal. One, the acquisition would help the company acquire a global footprint and enter the high-end premier segment of the global automobile market. After the acquisition, Tata Motors would own the world 's cheapest car - the US$ 2,500 Nano, and luxury marquees like the Jaguar and Land Rover. Though there was initial skepticism over an Indian company owning the luxury brands, ownership was not considered a major issue at all. According to industry analysts, some of the…show more content…
However, over the years, the company found that it was failing to derive the desired benefits from these acquisitions... Excerpts British Marques under Ford Ford Motors Company (Ford) is a leading automaker and the third largest multinational corporation in the automobile industry. The company acquired Jaguar from British Leyland Limited in 1989 for US$ 2.5 billion. After Ford acquired Jaguar, adverse economic conditions worldwide in the 1990s led to tough market conditions and a decrease in the demand for luxury cars. The sales of Jaguar in many markets declined, but in some markets like Japan, Germany, and Italy, it still recorded high sales. In March 1999, Ford established the PAG with Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Lincoln. During the year, Volvo was acquired for US$ 6.45 billion, and it also became a part of the PAG... Ford Sells JLR In September 2006, after Allan Mulally (Mulally) assumed charge as the President and CEO of Ford, he decided to dismantle the PAG. In March 2007, Ford sold the Aston Martin sports car unit for US$ 931 million. In June 2007, Ford announced that it was considering selling JLR... The Deal On March 26, 2008, Tata Motors entered into an agreement with Ford for the purchase of JLR. Tata Motors agreed to pay US$ 2.3 billion in cash for a 100% acquisition of the businesses of JLR. As part of the acquisition, Tata Motors did not inherit any of the debt liabilities of JLR - the acquisition was totally debt free... The Benefits Tata

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