Case Study on Total Quality Management Essay

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As an independent consultant in Quality Improvement, I will conduct an analysis of the operations of the company `Handles and Hinges`. I will answer how the company competes in its market place, what role does ‘quality' play in its competitive strategy, whether or not I believe the company's use of statistical quality control is sensible, how a TQM approach could benefit the company's operations, and I will also apply the Gap model of quality diagnostics to the company and comment upon its relevance.

Competing in two markets

Handles and Hinges compete in two different markets, the retail market, and the construction market. In the retail market, it is much more aware of costs, and this has placed stress on the
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The safety of the product must also be examined. Handles and Hinges must deliver an assurance that the consumer will not suffer harm or injury from a product. If they do, again Trading Standards could get involved, and again the company could get severely punished. It will also lose the respect and admiration of the public. It is therefore important that each item that is sold is not `defected` in any way that could cause harm to the public.

The courtesy that the company gives to its consumers is another thing that needs to be fully addressed. Customers need to be treated well and fairly to allow repeat custom and to also allow the continuation of the growth of the business at hand. Customers must be made to feel that their opinion is being heard at every communication point between the business and the consumer. Without courtesy and pleasantness, the business will have a reputation for being snobby, rude and arrogant, and this will not pass off well with other customers which Handles and Hinges need.

The company also needs to make sure it is easy to access, accurate with all of the products it provides and responds well to unusual situations. This is to make sure the customer does not feel agitated, aggrieved or mistreated. The customer is the most important
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