Case Study on Tucker Company

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A Case Study on Tucker Company

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February 24, 2012

In the analysis of the case, the point of view of the Mr. Harnett, the president of the company was used. Since he has the highest position and he was involved in the reorganization of the company.

II. ANALYSIS OF THE CASE SITUATION a. MACRO-ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS * Technological – The Company owns a laboratory that is needed for producing the products of the three divisions which are commercial jet engines, military jet engines, and utility turbines.

b. Company Analysis

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| Threats:- There are employees that seek for their own advancement to gain prestige.-There are arising conflicts among the heads- Internal conflicts may arise due to the extensive reorganization of the company. | Strength:- It has expanded its operation.- The company has skillful, productive and experienced employees.- Effective group performance is exercised in the organization.- Product-line divisions in the company help disseminate tasks for better performance of employees. - Proper monitoring system is applied to each division through the presence of newly-assigned vice presidents | Strategies to make use of opportunities through strengths:-Maintain the product line divisions and specialize on the product.- Take advantage of the good-quality employees to further expand the operation.-Maintain the new monitoring system | Strategies to prevent threats through strengths:- Promote camaraderie among employees through team building activities- Evaluation of attitude of

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