Case Study on a Client with Verbal Aggression Brought on by Dementia

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Ellen appears to be demonstrating verbal aggression by yelling and shouting out, physically aggression by striking out at a nurse. A nurse enters the room to inquire why Ellen is shouting, Ellen would like to go outside. The nurse tries to calm Ellen down by asking if she would like to lie down, Ellen is adamant that she wants to go outside. A second nurse comes into the room and touches Ellen’s shoulder and Ellen tries striking the nurse. The first nurse tries to relate to Ellen by kneeling down and talking to her at eye level, she speaks slowly, with a calm tone to her voice and tries to alleviate Ellen agitation. Ellen seems to have incoherent babbling while the nurse is trying to console her, the nurse acknowledges Ellen’s frustrations and tries to make her comfortable. Toni enters the room and asks Ellen if she would still like to go outside, Ellen appears to be less agitated and agrees to go outside. While outside Ellen expresses that she would like to walk around with a rake, Toni offers to take Ellen around the garden for a walk. Ellen is smiling, her agitation has subsided significantly and appears to be enjoying herself. It is important to pay attention not only the verbal cues Ellen is asking but also the nonverbal her facial expressions, eye contact and body language. Ellen was feeling frustrated and getting angry, all she wanted to do was go outside, the…
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