Case Study on the Danish Wind Energy System

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The Technological Innovation System
Case study on the Danish Wind Energy System

Questions 1 and 2: The two most important scientific journals that publish theoretical work on Innovation Systems:

The two most important scientific papers are research policy with 330 published articles about innovation systems and technological forecasting and social change with 364 published articles on innovation systems. These two journals have the most articles published on Innovation systems and the biggest journal impact factor.

The 3 most cited papers that cite the paper by Malerba, and their main research question:
First reference:
Geels, F.W. , (2004) From sectoral systems of innovation to socio-technical systems:
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It’s important for an innovation system that knowledge can diffuse from one company to another, especially in a heterogeneous context. It can be measured by number of workshops, conferences and mapping size of the network.

Guidance of the search
Due to limited resources, companies have to choose what they want to develop and investigate. The things they choose are the things of which they think it can positively change their processes. This function can be measured by mapping the specific targets of firms, companies and governments.

Market formation
It’s almost impossible for new technologies to compete directly from the beginning with incumbent technologies. Therefore these new technologies need niche markets or (governmental) subsidies to exist. This function can be measured by the number of niche markets and the number of subsidies.

Resource mobilization
There are financial and human inputs necessary to make the other functions working properly. It is hard to measure this function, the best way is to interview different actors and institutions.

Creation of legitimacy/counteract resistance to change
Often when there is a new technologie an old one has to be overthrown. This can be measured by mapping the growth and lobby actions of investment groups.

According to Porter there are 4 determinants to indicate whether there is competitive advantage in an innovation system. The 4 determinants are:

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