Case Study on the Excessive Use of Marijuana and Alcohol in Teenagers

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Case Study on the Excessive Use of Marijuana and Alcohol in Teenagers

Excessive use of marijuana and alcohol, especially within the last 2 years. "Kurt" began drinking and using marijuana at age 14 and by age 15 referred to the usage as "heavy". Despite recently being caught for the theft of his parents TYME card and $400, which resulted in him being forced to join an AODA group, he still continues to "use" on a regular basis. He has also gone to work while intoxicated and attended a school dance under the influence of marijuana. As a result he was fired from his job and had to undergo a urine screen in order to again be allowed back into his particular school. Regardless of these
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Military: N/A
Health: He rated current health as poor, stating bad lungs from previous bouts with pneumonia, and a bad back due to a 17% curvature of the spine causing muscle spasms in his lower back.
Limitations: None
Mood: No history of depression or mania.
Sleep: Occasional nightmares (2 to 3 times monthly).
Appetite: No problems.
Sexual function: N/A History of lost consciousness: Has passed out while drinking.
Hospitalization: Twice for pneumonia.
Medication: None
Alcohol/drug use: Heavy use of marijuana and frequent use of alcohol. Has also experimented with narcotics which were stolen from his mother. Hallucinogens, including "acid" and "shrooms". He is also a pack-a-day cigarette smoker. Observations and Behaviors
Attitude: Good rapport during interview, very cooperative, frank, and open.
Appearance: Unremarkable.
Motor: Posture slumped, seemed nervous, a little agitated, but held eye contact.
Speech: Adequate and average.
Language: Good vocabulary, normal.
Attention: Adequate.
Memory: Could not remember exact year his brother died. Otherwise, memory seemed fine, with accurate detail.
Mood: No depression or mania. Has had occasional thoughts of suicide, but never attempted. In the past has had anger- management problem, and saw a therapist (after complaints by teachers) from 1987 to 1990.

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