Case Study on the Hoover Dam

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Before Hoover Dam After By- Balaji.T.K, CE02B011 CONTENTS No Description Page no 1. Hoover dam –an Introduction 1 2. Requirements posed by structural design 2 3. Requirements posed by other details 6 4. Type of Concrete 7 5. Guidelines for Mix design 9 6. Fabrication and Installation 10 7. Formwork 11 8. Cooling of concrete 12 9. Temperature control of Mass Concrete 12 10. Quality Assurance 13 11. Bibliography 14 Hoover Dam- an Introduction! It still stands tall as an engineering marvel high above the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada. Hoover Dam attracts over 7 million visitors from around the new world every year feeding vast tourism into the Las Vegas Nevada and Arizona economy. The building of Hoover Dam took the…show more content…
These tunnels were to be 56 feet in diameter. Their combined length was nearly 16,000 feet (more than three miles). Tunneling began at the lower portals of the Nevada tunnels in May 1931. Shortly after, work began on two similar tunnels in the Arizona canyon wall. To construct such tunnels the requirements for the concrete would be: 1. It should withstand the pressure due to the rushing water in the tunnel. But, the it does not require the same strength as the concrete used for building the dam itself. 2. The concrete should be highly fluid so that it could be easily poured into whatever shape that is chosen for form works. 3. The concrete should be abrasion resistant. Requirements for concrete imposed by mode of construction and other details: 1. Obviously, the concrete should be completely impermeable. 2. Since the dam was located in a totally isolated area transportation of aggregates would have been a huge problem so they might have had to use the aggregates which were locally available. 3. The concrete should not harden quickly as it had to be transported for a considerable amount of time before it could be poured into the forms. 4. The concrete should not react with any components present in the reservoir for example salts. 5. The structure is expected to have a long life. 1. The concrete should not crack by shrinking as the whole purpose of the dam will be spoilt if water enters through the cracks. An approximate salt
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