Case Study on the Use of a GPS Without a Warrent

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There was a search warrant issued to follow this vehicle with the global positioning system (GPS). This event happened in Washington D.C.
Procedural Posture The two areas that the court wanted to pursue were: A violation of the fourth amendment and installing the global positioning system (GPS) without a valid warrant. Using the global positioning system tracked every move the Jones family made and it was an invasion of their privacy at some points during their trips to certain locations.
The Issue here is that agents installed the GPS device on a vehicle breaking the circumstances of the warrant. Also the GPS violated privacy to the Jones family because they knew where they were going and some places they traveled to could have been kept private. Holding
The lower Courts holding in this case was in 2006 the case was not decided due hung jury. In March 2007 the case came back to court and the jury decided Jones was guilty and had gave Antoine Jones life in prison. The Supreme Court granted certiorari and overturned the decision by the lower court because the GPS device violated the Fourth Amendment.
Pro Argument
The GPS device used by law enforcement was designed to catch Jones in trafficking cocaine and large amounts of money. The…
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