Case Study: the Black & Decker Corporation (a) Power Tools Division

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Case Study:

The Black & Decker Corporation (A)

Power Tools Division


International Marketing Management

Prof. Dr. Lutz H Schminke


Marc Gerlach (323514)

Tobias Holler (725219)

Björn Kleindienst (425169)

Robin Mack (223377)

Marina Sukhareva (127387)

Celia Yan (431144)

Fulda, 24th May 2011

Table of Content

Table of Content 2

1. Introduction 2

2. Case Summary 3

2.1 The Black & Decker Corporation 3

2.2 The US power tools market 4

2.3 Black & Decker’s professional segment 4

3. SWOT-Analysis 5

4. How to deal with the insufficient brand awareness in the Professional- Tradesmen segment? 6

5. Conclusion 7

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What is more, the market for Professional-Tradesmen tools is growing rapidly. That makes it very important for Black & Decker to do something about this problem. To find out whether the problem was due to bad quality, the 14 major Professional-Tradesmen products were tested on their performance, reliability and durability. For most product categories, the quality of the Black & Decker tools turned out to be very good though. Therefore, the low market share of Black & Decker in the Professional-Tradesmen segment must have been due to any other problem than low product quality. Additionally, Black & Decker ran a telephone survey to measure its public awareness. It showed that 98% of the Professional-Tradesmen segment end users were aware of the brand, so that could not be the problem either. In the same survey, only 44% agreed on the statement that Black& Decker is one of the best. Furthermore, not even half of them agreed on the statements that Black & Decker makes high-quality tools, durable or rugged tools and that they are proud to own its tools. So finally, the problem was identified and Black & Decker had to do something about it. In the following, the possible options of dealing with the problem are going to be discussed.

3. SWOT-Analysis

In our opinion, the best way to find the right solution for Black & Decker´s problems is to develop a SWOT-Analysis. This analysis is divided into internal and

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