Case Study: the Human Resources Strategy Implemented by Johnson & Johnson

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This particular case is centered around the Human Resources strategy that was implemented by Johnson & Johnson in 1997. This strategy includes many key aspects of corporate culture, leadership and global strategy integrated into one single global human resources program. This program allowed Johnson & Johnson to diversify their current employees, raise the standards for future employees, redefine the standards of leadership within J&J and improve global management overall.

The first portion of this human resources plan was to redefine the standards of leadership within J&J. This was accomplished by creating a new credo set of company values with over 60 specific behaviors that will dictate how well the company will perform. This new set
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Integrity is how a person’s demeanor and actions inspire others to follow in the same footsteps as they have. For example, a manager is not judged by what they say but what they do and how well they adhere to what they have promised. If a manager cannot act with integrity then the employees cannot either; therefore lowering the expectations of employees. No organization can function properly without someone to inspire employees to work towards a common goal and to hold them to a high standard of effort. If a manager does not have integrity then his/her employees will follow therefore breaking down the corporate culture to the minimal requirements.

The second credo value is to treat other with dignity and respect; this creates a corporate culture that respects ideas and innovations of others and creates an overall inspiration for innovation within the company. Having a lack of respect for others within an organization discourages employees from trying to work harder and come up with new ideas for example, an employee comes up with a new idea for improving customer relations and he brings it up to another employee for some feedback and that employee tells him/her that the idea is not good and laugh’s, this will discourage that employee from trying to come up with new effective ideas for the betterment of the…

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