Case Study the Machinest/ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Insomnia

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Abnormal psychology is the study of abnormal behavior, thoughts and emotions. There are many people with mental disorders that never get treated. It is very important to make correct diagnoses when diagnosing a patient. Accurate diagnosing will insure that the individual is receiving the best treatment possible. The earlier mental illnesses are detected they easier they are to treat. It should always be ones priority to function as normal as possible and get back on track. Educating people on their disorder and treatment options will give them a better understanding of their condition and what they can do to stay healthy and recover to normal. I am going to be writing a psychological case study on Trevor Reznik from the Machinist. I…show more content…
It is clear by his physical appearance that there may be something wrong. Trevor is very slim and possibly suffering from malnutrition. He is pale and has bags under his eyes. He is aware of his sunken body frame and expresses his inability to hold food down lately. From his gestures and attitude he seemed paranoid and anxious. He talked about how he felt like there was something he had forgotten that was making him lose sleep. Trevor then excused himself to use the restroom and get something from the vending machine. When he returned with a sandwich and coffee Trevor started discussing his co worker Ivan. He claimed his employees were trying to make him feel crazy. When he asked questions about Ivan they acted as if they had no idea who he was talking about. He felt as if some big joke was being played on him. He thought Ivan was responsible for the sticky notes he found around his house and other strange events. Trevor dismissed himself once again to use the restroom. When he came out of the restroom he informed me he wasn't feeling well. When Trevor and I met up the following week I noticed a drastic difference in his personality. It was apparent that something was bothering him terribly. He told me about an incident at work where a fellow employee lost his arm and he felt partially responsible. He told me the situation got out of hand the next day when Ivan malfunctioned the equipment almost costing him his arm. Trevor went on about how he lost his job when he

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