Case Study: the Merger of Two Hospitals

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Case Study #1 The Merger of Two Competing Hospitals 1. What specific steps should the board take to create an executive team to manage the newly organization? Appointing a management team that can rightfully represent both institutions needs to be the primary concern of the board in creating a new executive team. It will be important to keep in mind that upper management within Banner Regional Medical Center (BRMC) had recently changed due to the exit of several key members; the new representation should reflect this change. The consolidation agreement should be closely adhered to because it stands as a written and physical agreement between the two hospitals. Close attention to the ramifications within the agreement will be…show more content…
Benefits and pay structures will be set by the partnership of the board members and the HR team. Human resources should also be aware of the very different cultures of the merging hospitals and identify solutions for the initial integration of management styles and then methods for the creation of a new organizational culture. 2. Given the diversity of cultures embedded in the merged organization, what should the management team do to facilitate a working culture in the new organization? Per the consolidation agreement, it is required that a new mission statement is founded with the new organization. This should be the first step in establishing a new culture because it will allow expectations to be outlined and a foundation to set for all personnel. The leadership style in the new hospital should reflect this new culture. Once this has been created and refined an implementation process needs to be initiated. Trainers and support staff should head this operation because it is important that employees see their critical roles in the development and the future of the hospital. This training should also include unifying “team building” activities including members of both organizations; this will extinguish any past “us versus them” attitudes. If all personnel are oriented in this way, the entire population will embody the new vision. Another part of the consolidation agreement was that there would be no lay
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