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Marlina Seignon
EDA 601 April 25, 2012
1) Summarize the case
Laurel Palm Middle School was considered to be a successful school. It was one of the top ten performing schools. For three successive years, it had been awarded a National Distinguished School Award. The school had had a strong culture of teaching and learning. Parents were engaged in planning school programs and improving all aspects of the school and its operations.
Ms. Avery, the principal instituted specific curriculum goals and objectives that aligned with the school district. She organized a team of parents and teachers who was in charge of developing new
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d) Ms Wright believed in separation of state and church opposed the use of the bible as a text book.
e) The media showed up at the site meeting.
a) Laurel Palm Middle School
b) The Jonathan Ode Community Cultural Center
a) The religious studies course
b) The curriculum development program
4- The committee and Ms Beckel decided to include a religious studies curriculum in the program. The principal approved of it. However, Ms Wright one of the community members did not. She threatened to show up at the committee meeting with the media. On the day of the meeting, Ms Wright showed up with a placard protesting the use of the bible in public schools.
5- Laurel Palm Middle School was one of the top 10 performing schools. The school had a population of 1,500 students and they are multicultural.
Questions to research and consider
1- A committee of parents, students and teachers should be able to develop curriculum programs for the school. Teachers can collect information on current effective practices in their schools; they can provide demonstration lessons to the public and their colleagues. Parents can share their expertise and experiences; they can serve as cooperative advisors, editors and advocates for their children. Students can also be a part of it because it helps define acceptable levels of expectations and identify motivating practices.
2- I would have followed up with the district on how to

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