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Dawei Chen Case Summary- Confucius, Machiavelli, and Rousseau According to the Case context, we can find out many ideas about leadership. First, from the great Chinese ancient philosopher-Confucius that we can learn that a phenomenal leader needs to love people and use virtue to rule a society. The ultimate goal for a leader is to fulfill everyone’s demand. In order to achieve this goal; a leader must be a sage or at least a very wise man to set up a very extraordinary example for others to learn. However, this opinion has a very obvious flaw that people cannot be as good as he think and most people are selfish that this kind of leadership is not going to be successful. Second, From the Machiavelli, we can acquire the idea which…show more content…
second, their leadership and opinions exhibit us a great culture diversity. In Eastern culture in particular in China because of the long history, there were lots of great leaders in their history; this situation establishes a social structure that people prefer to have a great sage such as Confucius to lead their lives rather than the social contract (law). Moreover, in this social structure, leaders need to be a very excellent man to lead the direction of social development, but sometimes it does not work very well because most leaders are flawed normal people. Compare this circumstance to the Western, most Western states does not have such long history this lead to a quite different situation. Even if there were lots of great leader people still prefer to set a conference to discuss the social problems. This idea could be dated from the ancient Grace. In recent period particularly in revolution era this idea spread very fast and filled into people very deeply. This shows us very obvious assertion that leaders need to use different strategies in different culture background. Third, leaders need to combine different skills to achieve a successful leadership. In human history, society are changing very fast, many ideologists and wise man once gave us the idea that what is leadership. In my eyes, a competent leadership is a combination of
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