Case Summary: Supreme Court Decision in Mapp vs. Ohio

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This assignment is meant to explore the landmark Supreme Court decision Mapp v. Ohio. It is the purpose of the essay to examine the facts of the controversy, the arguments offered by the petitioner, and discuss as well the Supreme Court's ruling and its possible impact on precedent. The analysis will conclude with my commentary and opinion in regard to the Mapp decision. In May of 1957, police officers in Cleveland Ohio went to the home of Dollree Mapp in search of a suspect in a bombing case (the police were also seeking illegal gambling equipment at the residence.) Dollree Mapp refused to let the officers in without a search warrant; after placating her and thus seeking a warrant, two hours later additional officers arrived with a search warrant--a warrant Mapp took from the police and immediately stuffed into her dress. A minor scuffle ensued, and Mapp was placed in handcuffs for being noncooperative. Although the suspect or gambling material was not at the residence, the police did find pornographic material and subsequently arrested Mapp for possession of pornographic material. Mapp was prosecuted, held guilty and sentenced for possession of the illegal material, and further, no warrant was offered as evidence at trial. Mapp sought relief for the Cleveland police force's violation of her 4th Amendment unwarrantable search and seizure rights. The constitutional issue involved in this case involved the incorporation of the 4th Amendment's prohibition against the

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