Case Summary of Terry vs. Ohio

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Terry vs. Ohio 392 U.S. (1968) Name Instructor Course Title Date Submitted Terry vs. Ohio: Case Summary: Following his usual patrol on a downbeat for several years, a Cleveland detective saw two strangers i.e. the petitioner and Mr. Chilton on a street corner. The two were observed proceeding alternately back and forth along a similar path in which they stared at the same window store for approximately twenty-four times. After completing the route, these individuals met at a corner where they were joined by another man who left quickly. In addition to suspecting the two men, the officer followed them and observed them rejoin the third individual a few blocks away. Consequently, the detective approached the three men for questioning and decided to conduct a quick search before questioning because of the nature of their behavior. Through this search, the officer found a concealed weapon on Terry, the petitioner, and Chilton. He arrested these suspects and two of them were charged with carrying concealed weapons in their outer garments. As the defense attempted to restrain the weapons, the trial court discarded the prosecution theory that the weapons were seized during a search event to a legitimate arrest. While the court also denied the motion to restrain, it admitted the concealed weapons into evidence because the detective had reasons to believe that the two were acting suspiciously. It also differentiated between an investigatory stop and arrest as well as a

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