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Introduction Workbrain Corporation is on the cusp of a dramatic expansion. David Ossip, the President and CEO, has hired Eric Green to manage Workbrain’s corporate development plan. In other words, Green’s task is to bring Ossip’s vision to life. Workbrain’s current organization state lacks structure, focus, and functional direction. The company is performing well but the coming expansion will require more extensive infrastructure. The external environment can be characterized by building pressure from investors, clients, and the marketplace—all driven by the innovative characteristics of their product and industry. Workbrain management currently prefers generalists rather than specialized employees. A key resource for Workbrain is…show more content…
What Workbrain lacks, are the four of the five basic parts of an organization. Top management, to this point, has virtually been filling all of the roles, which includes middle management, technical core, technical support staff, and administrative support staff (see appendix 1). Since Workbrain suffers a structural deficiency, specifying job roles and descriptions is the next step in preparing Workbrain towards expansion. Urgency of Change Workbrain needs to find an appropriate strategy in order to move forward. Progress will entail continuing to conduct business as well as develop systems to sustain business in the future. The implications of the urgency to develop an expansion plan places a great deal of stress on Eric Green. Communication Workbrain’s internal communication system has been relatively impromptu. More than likely, this is a function of their start-up characteristics. Some of the management were not even present when the goals of the organization were discussed. “Due to time constraints, some of the technical and implementation team had not been as involved in the planning process as they should have. There was a disconnect about where they thought the company was going that had manifested itself in the way they were thinking about hiring (p. 553).” The obvious communication gaps could be filled by a more effective organizational structure. The plan resulting from this meeting established the need for a more specialized workforce.

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