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ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS Case Analysis – Tale of Two Airlines PROBLEM STATEMENT Neglect and inconsistency in applying standard operational strategies and procedures can make a significant difference in meeting the expectations of passengers, affects passenger loyalty and have potential consequences on the ability of an airline to retain existing customers and attract new ones. In the information technology age “technology is only a small enabling piece of a total service concept.” How can an airline cause information technology, operations strategy, management control, empowered/unempowered work force, and service management to come together to produce customer satisfaction and long term customer loyalty?. In analysing…show more content…
The British Airways gate agents should have verified that the Professor had boarded the Delta flight (through real time information) and also had the ability to make the connection to London. In this regard, by using Delta’s information system, the British Airways personnel should have recognized that the Professor (a First Class Gold Card Customer) was scheduled to have connected to their flight destined to London. Additionally, British Airways had the capabilities to utilize the inter-connectivity among the airlines information systems to indicate that Professor McPherson had boarded the flight; to obtain the status of the incoming flight; to identify connecting passengers and also to determine whether the Professor had adequate time to connect after disembarking the Delta airlines flight. With none of the above measures being undertaken, this demonstrated gross negligence on the part of the management, gate agents and all associated personnel; as it meant clearance would have then been given for the airline to depart without all intended passengers aboard. The Delta gate agents also had a responsibility to ensure that the Professor made his connecting flight, since it was due to the delay in their departure that resulted in the close connecting time. By liaising with the British Airways agents, they would have realized that this valued customer would have arrived on time for the scheduled departure of British Airways

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