Case of Analysis: Tarco Gmbh. Organization and Design

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1. HOSPI’s sales and production departments seem to have different organizational cultures. Can you describe the different characteristics? Are there reasons beyond the personalities of the sales and production manager that these different cultures should have developed? These two departments, production and sales, have clearly different approaches of the organization culture. On one hand, the sales department, as the consultant identified in his analysis, takes into account heavily the external environment. For adjusting properly to the external environment, it is needed to be flexible in order to adapt to this external environment, which mainly is focused in this case on the clients, and having a quick response to the possible changes…show more content…
The reporting taken by HOSPI informed them that the competing companies were making a strategic alliance. When they tried how to find the struggle and win the battle, HOSPI discovered that has to face with several problems. The CEO, the sales manager and the production manager did not agree with the form to solve it. The sales reps decided to find a solution by themselves and disagree too. For first time, both groups were divided in decision-making. The disagreements mixed up the entire company, even Mussaccio decision, and the only reasonable idea seemed to be hiring a consultant. It seemed to be the best option because it can gives an external perspective, as the consultant did, analyzing the market conditions, the structure, the technology, the strategy and the culture the company had. Thus, the fuss, troubles, tension that hampered an alternative would disappear. Obviously, hiring a consultant meant clarifying thoroughly all the company problems, making a clean break and reaching the core solution. It was the only way to change and thrive within the same market, and the company also got a growing fighting spirit and willingness. Everybody wanted a stronger and successful HOSPI. Maybe, with the consultant suggestions they could obtain it. 5. Mussaccio describes himself as a man of action. Do you think that is accurate? If not, why do you think HOSPI has been a success up until now? No, we do not think that is accurate that statement, because the main

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