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Scientists doing research often need serious computing capability to run simulations and crunch data. Often that meant working for a large company who could provide the significant investment in information systems infrastructure. But cloud computing changed all that. Consider the case of biologist Dr. Eric Schadt, a researcher who claims that approaches to studying the complexity of living systems have failed. Studying one gene at a time doesn’t explain what causes diseases, making it impossible to find the cures sought by the scientific and pharmacology communities.
Dr. Schadt’s vision is to manage this area of research, and the large amount of data generated, which appears to be too much for any one individual or company to
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He waits till the plane climbs to a cruising altitude, then when allowed to use electronic devices, he uses the plane’s WiFi to get on Amazon.”
Dr. Schadt is able to initiate a complex analysis of his data using Amazon’s services, which crunch the data while Dr. Schadt flies across the country. When he lands, the analysis is done and he has the results. This world be equivalent to the computing power of a scientist working on his company’s multimillion dollar supercomputer, but in this case, the cost is just a few hundred dollars.
Companies like have become vendors of extreme computing power. Some have compared the amount of computing power Dr. Schadt uses while flying on an airplane to the amount of computing power available to a scientist at major pharmaceutical companies, where they have multimillion dollar supercomputers. With services like the computing power available in the cloud, Dr. Schadt may even have more power available to him than the scientist. Computational solutions to large-scale data management and analysis -
Computational solutions to large-scale data management and analysis
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