Case of Missing Time

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The Case of Missing Time

Norris Company is running a nationwide business. It operated three printing plants. Chet Craig is the manager of central plant. There are many problems in the central plant, such as Chet could not complete his job on time; supervisors are unable to solve the daily production problems on their own; and organization structure is poor. They really need to know are what reason makes that problems happened, what have to change, and how to deal with it. There are three main problems in the central plant. One is time management. As the manager, Chet did not plan his own schedule well and not complete the project, which supposes to complete. The second is employee confidence. It seems that every supervisor has to talk
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In all these changes will increase the plant's productivity and the entire staff's satisfaction and development. The important part of instilling the change is to make it transparent to all the members of the organization, ensure they embrace the change, to ensure productivity is meeting company

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