Case of Psi Social Marketing Project in Bangladesh Essay

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Case Summary of PSI: Social Marketing Project in Bangladesh 1) Who is right: Ciszewski or Schellstede? Why? I think both of them are right and have good strategy in trying to improve sales of Maya. Ciszewski isright in the idea of rebranding Maya to improve the poor image as it stands right now, i.e. change nameand increase the price to raise the image of the brand. We have a room for price increasing as it isshown that other OC brands with price 5-10 times higher can have better sales than Maya. For this re-positioning OC pills, we should target to the urban market. For rural market, I also agree withSchellstede to use RMPs as the linkage (influencer) to the rural area target group because RMPs havegreat influence in providing…show more content…
The return per inventory of Raja is also as high as 1.22 while Maya is only 0.85. Detailed calculation is shown in Table 2 Appendix A Why is Raja succeeding, Maya is not? First, the current marketing relied heavily on mass media is better fit with condom (perceived as over-the-counter consumer product) rather than oral contraceptive pills (OCs are perceived as powerful drug), because consumers would need more knowledge and consultation for the perceived powerful drug with side effects. Second is the low image of Maya. The name Maya is in local language and does not sounds like medical product, plus Maya is selling at cheap price. Consumers have negativemeans end chain of Maya to the choice of birth control. For Raja, the name associates withmasculinity, the mass media, and the available point of sales are all appropriate for the target malegroup. Third is the point of sales, i.e. Pan stores do not fit with Maya. The Pan stores are regarded asmini place for men to hang out. Maya should instead be recommended from knowledgeable person.4) What is your plan for improving Maya sales? Devise a specific communications strategy. - Rebranding Maya to be in higher positioning for urban users (change name to chemical sound,increase price, new marketing strategies. Use mass media with focus on providing knowledge about OC and its temporal side effects that are not harmful

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