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1. Identify how some Accenture-type efforts have and have not occurred in your current and previous workplaces. Also, discuss why focusing on employee retention pays off for Accenture clients, and not just for Accenture itself.

It is imperative to analyze the different work backgrounds that some of our team members have experienced in order to find some similarities with Accenture. One team member is currently working in a small air conditioning business with less than 50 employees. According to U.S. Small Business Administration (, small businesses employ more than 50% of employees in the United States. The company does not have a formal HR department like many of the large organizations (23). The duties of HR, like staffing,
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Add to that, the aging workforce that are highly skilled and competent that are retiring. This creates a vacuum for talented employees that make retention programs even more important (150). Especially considering the specialized services Accenture provides in more than 40 industries. Accenture has taken note of this delicate relationship between employee and client retention. In an article, they mention some key point that leads us to believe how exactly their retention programs have paid off.

Customers want it all- Accenture are aware the challenge of retaining current customers. They cite that customers demand competitive pricing, value for money, and high quality service. They work with clients to establish best practices for assessing and developing individuals and teams. With social media and its internet forums, web logs, wikis, blogs, podcasts, videos, to name a few the power that the customer has is now even stronger (61). Accenture has embraced this and knows that the employees are the key to profiting in such environment. They say, “Few companies are winning the battle for customer share. The secret of their success: combining a top-down, enterprise-wide retention strategy with sophisticated analytics”. Furthermore, Accenture identifies the error

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