Case study- Global strategy

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Case Study- Global Marketing Strategies
On paper, global marketing is undoubtedly a great concept. The idea of leveraging a marketing strategy across multiple markets seems to be nothing but beneficial. It saves effort and resources, and ensures a high degree of consistency between all in-market branding and activities.

However, the question of whether global marketing works is a frequent conversation topic amongst marketers, and the concept of globally-led marketing resources can be subject to much scepticism.

As you take the first steps toward importing and
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It is true, but we all know that not everyone works at a huge corporation or industry-leading company. Globalization of production and distribution may help your company minimize costs and lower your bottom line. Also it affects us all. Everything they do has an effect on other businesses and consumers at one point or another. It may either help or hurt you, so familiarizing yourself with their strategies can help you to adapt to changes.

And as a manager or the CEO, you must know your customer’s views about what they’re buying from you, and what they value most about it. In this case you might know what they like about your product and what they really want from your service. Because of that, this question will come up: What you could do to make it more useful and valuable to them? Regarding to this question you can make innovations and changes to your product that is based on what the customer’s desire. To have a better result, ask this question to yourself: What would encourage them to buy more? Here, after you think of an idea to innovate your product and to improve your services you must put it in action. For example, you give promos and discounts.

3. Nowadays, using the internet is the most applicable and easiest way to inform the customers that your product or your business does exist. You can also use advertisements like print ads and fliers. The use of the internet has allowed goods, services, people and capital
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