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Developing a marketing plan
The NIVEA® brand is one of the most recognised skin and beauty care brands in the world.
NIVEA creme was first introduced in 1911 and the NIVEA brand now extends to 14 product ranges worldwide from suncare to facial moisturisers, deodorant and shower products.
In 1980 when Beiersdorf, the international company that owns NIVEA, launched its
NIVEA FOR MEN® range internationally, it broke new ground with its aftershave balm product. It was the first balm on the market that did not contain alcohol, which can irritate the skin. It proved to be very popular with consumers.
In 1993, NIVEA FOR MEN developed a
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The main sections of the plan cover:
• SWOT and competitive analysis – to assess where the business or brand is currently and what competitors are doing
• objectives – what the plan needs to achieve
• the marketing strategy – how the objectives will be achieved
• sales forecast – by how much sales are likely to increase
• budget – how much the marketing activities will cost and how the plan will be financed
• evaluation – how outcomes will be monitored and measured.
There is no set model for a marketing plan. The structure of the plan – and the amount of detail – will depend on the size of the brand, the timescale involved and how the market and economy is behaving. However, NIVEA’s marketing plan for the relaunch of NIVEA FOR MEN follows closely the outline described here.

Assessing the market
The first step in devising a marketing plan is to conduct an evaluation of the business, its brands and products. This should include an assessment of the brand’s position and the state of the market. NIVEA FOR MEN needs to know what its male customers want and what competitor products exist. As well as targeting the male consumer, women are also an important target market for NIVEA FOR MEN. This is because women often buy male grooming products for their partners as well as helping them choose which products to buy.
NIVEA FOR MEN used a SWOT analysis to help it assess the market. This takes a detailed look at the
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