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Assessment 3, Case Study Vara 1. Two signs I would look for to know when Vara is ready to end counselling are noticing that Vara looks a lot happier and sounds a lot more confident. As well as Vara demonstrating that she has accomplished the experiments we had discussed in previous sessions, resulting positively and is appreciative of my help. 2. How I would support Vara’s sense of autonomy is by being fair minded and begin to prepare Vara by empowering her to be able to continue life without counselling, giving Vara the opportunity to work through situations in her own time, and being able to cope if mistakes or challenges arise and to confidently work through them herself. I would also discuss with Vara her accomplishments she has…show more content…
This will allow Vara time to reflect and explore her feelings she has regarding the ending process, help encourage Vara to prepare and move towards more independence, gain a new motivation to solve and manage her own issues and not be so reliant on counselling. I would also review with Vara what she has learnt about herself through counselling and help her identify the successes she has accomplished through counselling. As well as give Vara a chance to talk about goals she wasn’t able to achieve in counselling and look at ways or other options to resolve those issues. 5. An example of what I could say to Vara when ending counselling and to ensure any underlying issues are managed is I would suggest to Vara that we try to come up with some coping strategies and ways to manage the core issues. To help Vara have a better understanding of the underlying issues and be confident to be able to manage after counselling, I would ask Vara to look at the ways she has previously achieved goals and the strategies she has used to get through difficult situations in the past and allow her to think about what has worked in the past and what hasn’t worked. By doing this should allow Vara to see that she does have the coping skills to be able to manage well after counselling and have the ability to handle any difficulties that may arise. 6. An example of one of the session notes
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