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Case Study Analysis Amanda Zuber COMM215 JEANNINE BUCKLEY Case Study Analysis June 16, 2014 Executive Summary ABC Inc. hired 15 new employees with the intention of starting the orientation on June 15. Carl has only six months experience and has made several critical errors. This may have been created due to lack of qualifications, training, or overstating of qualification on Carl’s resume. Due to this, certain tasks were not addressed in a timely manner. Four problems are readily apparent; employee applications are incomplete or missing documentation, lack of training manuals, no drug screenings have been administered, and the training room intended for the orientation is book for the entire month of June.…show more content…
The goal is to have new hires trained in time to start work in July. Carl is new at the job himself, and this is his first recruitment effort. This, however, is no excuse for not being prepared for the task at hand, especially knowing the importance for the company and making a good impression on the new hires. The main concern is that there are many problems and not much time to complete them. Carl will need to evaluate, prioritize, and find solutions to each issue quickly. Carl has many obstacles to overcome, but the July deadline is still a reachable goal. Key Problems Carl’s performance, leading to his failure, began when he did not think ahead in his process for new hires and the requirements of himself and the new employees for the company. Before Carl started recruiting these individuals he did not have a plan in place for after he met his goal of recruiting 15 new people for the company. His only focus and concern was getting the new hires in the door, and the rest was an afterthought. Some of the things he should have thought about were “What happens next after the recruits are hired?” Problem 1 – He did not take in consideration all of the elements involved with the hiring and training of the new hires; like making sure all documents were up-to-date prior to hiring. A company should not hire new employees without all required documents. If a
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