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Case Study Discussion Questions for Case Studies in Entrepreneurial Management and Finance
Professor Edward H. Chow
Spring 2013

1. (2/20) Introduction and get acquainted: Entrepreneurship and finance

Lecture and discussion:
A perspective on Entrepreneurship, Howard H. Stevenson, 1988 (9-384-131)
How is finance related to corporate objectives?
Note on the financial perspective: What should entrepreneurs know? William A. Sahlman, Harvard Business Publishing (9-293-045)
In your view, what is entrepreneurship?
Homework: Each discussion group prepares a ppt for a 20-minute presentation on the business model of a real company. Please e-mail it to me by February 25.

2. (2/27) Identify entrepreneurial opportunities and
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4) What is the strongest argument Chase could make to a potential investor about the attractiveness of the venture? What, specifically, should her elevator pitch be at the Springboard forum?

10. (4/24) Challenges for the CEO after the establishment of the company

Case study
Keurig, Paul W. Marshall and Jeremy B. Dann, 2004 (9-899-180)
1) How attractive is the Keurig system to each of the following participants in the Office Coffee market?
A. The typical Office Coffee Distributor
B. The Coffee Roaster (use Green Mountain as typical)
C. Keurig
D. A typical Office Manager
E. The Coffee Drinking Employee It will help the class discussion if we use some common assumptions.
 Number of brewing units in office =1,937,000 (Exhibit 6)
 Number of cups consumed per brewing unit per day = 43 (page 11)
 Number of work days per year = 250
 Number of cups consumed per year in offices = 20.8 billion (product of three assumptions above)
 Current average cost of cup consumed = $0.125 per cup (Exhibit 6)
 Profit to Keurig per K-cup produced = $0.04 (page 5)
 Output per year for package line = 16.125 million K-cups (page 11, needed to support 1,500 brewers)
 Price per K-cup to office coffee distributor = $0.25
 Price per K-cup to Office Manager = $0.50
2) What advice do you have for Nick Lazaris concerning his dealing with MTS, the current vendor for the package line, and the other
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