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325-104Principles of MarketingCase AnalysisofBoost Juice BarsTABLE OF CONTENTS1. Table of Contents 22. Executive Summary 33. Overview of The Boost Juice 44. The External Environment and recommendation 4-65. Product and recommendation 6-86. Promotion and recommendation 8-107. Place and recommendation 10-128. Price 12-149. Conclusions 1410. References 15-16Executive SummaryBoost juice Bars have been a growing success since they opened in 2000. Although there are other competitors, Boost manages to stay in front by augmenting and extending their products. They segment and choose target market to achieve most effective advertising and maximise sales. Boost Juice is a convenience good, currently in the maturity phase of the product life cycle …show more content…
PRODUCTBoost Juice offers mainly healthy smoothies and juices, however recently it began expanding the width and the depth of its products by introducing new product categories such as healthy wraps, a new supermarket range and extending its lines by introducing a larger variety of smoothies.

Picking a correct product category is important as it influences the marketing strategies. Boost Juice is a convenience good as it is inexpensive- approximately $5.00; widely distributed over 200 stores (Boost Website) and thus is purchased frequently (1million a month) (Boost Website). It is a low involvement good due to the low risk (low dollar value) and therefore little effort is required to purchase it. During the consumer decision-making process the pre-purchase search will brief.

Boost Juice is currently in the Maturity phase of the product lifecycle (PLC). The growth has started to slow down as they now open fewer stores than they used to but the sales maintain high. Also they don't market as vigorously now as they used to during their introduction and growth stages, because the brand awareness and brand loyalty is already high -this is indicated by having over 300,000 members in their loyalty club (Boost Website). Boost juice is extending its PLC by introducing new lines and products (as mentioned above).

The way Boost juice differentiates itself can be shown through the

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