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Cardiff Metropolitan University London School of Commerce Subject Title: Integrated Case Study -- Dell Semester: Semester Three Student: FEI WU LSC ID: L0227CHSY1013 University ID: 20066978 Supervisor: Dr. Rajendra Kumar 19/09/2014 Acknowledgement This report is fully of supports from my parents. They give me not only financial support but also materials mentally. My sincere supervisor, to my tutor, Dr. Rajendra Kumar, whose professionalism, provided his opportunity, patience to encourage me. And then I can finish this report successfully. Every time his value feedbacks and suggestions are constructive to my writing. At last, I would like to thank to my University to give me a great chance to improve my education, and it will bring…show more content…
Chapter One 1.1 Introduction The overall of PC market In 2010 the total shipments of PC market reached 13.06 million units, an increase of 10.7% over 2009. View on the industrial chain, the basic pattern of PC products industry chain did not change throughout 2010. The whole industry chain of living was still the most dominant upstream chip and operating system. However, in these two markets, Intel and Microsoft are challenged with AMD and LINUX. Harvard business school case study—Taking Dell Private P1-2 The main characteristics of the market segments The domestic market is the field which grows fast, whether the desktop or laptop, the growth rate of domestic markets in the commercial market is faster. The consumer notebook market (individual purchase market) is showing explosive growth. The market share of Dell in foreign increased gradually while the market share of domestic
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