Case study on Google’s innovation and entrepreneurship

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BU035 Innovation and entrepreneurship GOOGLE Case study on Google’s innovation and entrepreneurship, and compare with the Academic theory Due: Tutor: Dr, Jaime O.Umali Name : Student ID: Words: 1764 1, Background/Introduction With the development of economy, innovation and entrepreneurship has become a pervasive subject. There are many definitions of entrepreneurship from deferent scholar. According to Venkataraman, S, we define the field of entrepreneurship as the scholarly examination of how, by whom and with what effects opportunities to create future goods and services are discovered, evaluated, and…show more content…
Google was established in September 1998 with a investment of one hundred USD from their schoolmate Andy Bechtolsheim. The opportunity was been exploited In the development process of Google, they used a variety of modes to exploit opportunities, Such as exploitation by themselves, cooperate with other companies and sale the opportunities to other firms. 5, How has Google’s process of influencing employee creativity affected Google’s Discovery, Exploitation, Mode of Exploitation. Google has been widely acclaimed for its emphasis on creativity. Google’s process of influencing employee creativity promoted the speed of Google’s Discovery, Exploitation, and Mode of Exploitation of opportunity. Innovation will not be strictly limited and evaluation. This greatly improve the speed of new product development, improved the market competitiveness of Google At Google, innovation is an imperative. The entrepreneur recognized that innovation comes from everyone, whatever engineers or cleaners. Larry Page and Sergey Brin and CEO always share all the information with employees about where the company is going and any challenges it might facing. All employees may spend 20 percent work time on their own projects, and their ideas will not be neglected. Good ideas will soon be converted into products. For example, Gmail, which has become one of the company’s core moneymaking products, was an employee’s

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