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The following case study is an exploration of the Australian film Samson and Delilah which features the impact that the volatile substance abuse [VSA] of petrol sniffing has on one of the characters in the film, Samson. I have chosen him to be the basis for my client and case-study and will begin by giving a description of the character, his family life and the social context to start this case-study. I will then provide an assessment and case formulation as well as Samson’s psychosocial needs and his volatile substance abuse of petrol sniffing. The substance abuse counselling model that I would draw on is explained, as well as the usefulness for Samson in the situation that he is in. I have explained the way in which I would work with…show more content…
VSA can also cause the individual to have violent outbursts towards other individuals as well as showing signs of slurred speech, confusion and stupor which can lead to seizures, brain injury and death (Australian Government Department of Health and Aging Publications, 2004). Samson is showing all the signs of chronic use of VSA in relation to his oblivion of all of the trauma that has resulted from his dependence on petrol. I feel that Samson is bored because of the lack of recreational activities as well as schooling, there also does not appear to be any cultural programs in place to guide him in helping him with a sense of identity, or any real family support including the sharing of the cultural knowledge of elders. Intervention Plan Although there are screening tools such as The Indigenous Risk Impact Screen and Brief Intervention Tool Kit (Amity Community Services, n.d), I feel that the best approach in helping Samson and his dependence on VSA, is to consult with community elders as he is not only a minor, but there are also a lot of cultural barriers that would make it very difficult to counsell him unless the person were specially trained. It would be especially difficult as Samson speaks his traditional language and very little English. Cairney and Dingwall (2010) find that it is hard for the problem of VSA to be managed and the impact of it to be understood by Indigenous communities as well as

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