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BUSINESS PROJECT : CAFE EXPRESSO EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This is a detailed report on a research case study café expresso. This report throws light on how the company was facing problems because of their stagnant marketing strategy. And how did the company loose its market share and went to number three position after it faced down fall. They appointed a new chief executive Ben Thomson who brought up many changes in the company. This report also highlights about Ben Thomson’s leadership qualities. In this context few of important types of leadership theories and styles are explained. Ben Thomson also appointed Kam Patel as a new global HR who brought many important changes in the organization. This report…show more content…
The report gives a clear picture of performance management and how did all employees work together to attain the goal. According to Kleynhams, (2007), “A work of an employee is to progress towards predetermined goals”. LITERATURE REVIEW Café Expresso was one of the most leading café houses and it was also one among top three players in the café house. Café expresso had enjoyed 15 years of advantage of being on number one position. The main drawback which was committed by Café expresso was that, they being in a dynamic service sector, they did not change their marketing strategy and hence it caused them a problem, because other competitors from coffee world took over their business strategy and hence they had to face a major drawback in the market. Café expresso lost its market share. For a company to succeed in the turbulence of today’s business markets, it must never stand still or allow employees mindsets to congeal. This was one of the main mistakes committed by café espresso. Café expresso did not patent their company, so that any other companies couldn’t copy their business strategy. (Smith and Day, 2000). Strategic planning in many organizations has never given space for strategic thinking. However the planning is not sufficient. The requirement for strategic planning has never been in demand (Uehlinger,2004). Valuing employees in crucial time and communicating with them can help

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