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A case-study showing the use of Cognitive behaviour therapy on client with severe anxiety. ABSTRACT I would like to point out here that this female client was not known to me until she got in touch with me about 3 months ago. She heard of me through my local community with my phone number passed on to her as I had informed the heads of the Inter-Faith group and voluntary organisations to pass my information to anyone seeking psychological helps. My tutor has been kept informed and gave her approval for me to go ahead with this case-study. I’ll be using the initial- H, to protect my client’s identity, ensuring maintenance of confidentiality, respect of her human rights, preservation of her privacy and dignity using an unbiased,…show more content…
But on the positive side, for as long as you are prepared to play your part, only then can I work with and assist you, be your guide and teach you new ways of being anxiety-free, self-reliant, and of thinking positively. DIAGNOSIS After going through her past and presenting symptoms through direct questioning regarding her mood, feelings and appearance on the day, I, confirmed that she was suffering from a severe anxiety type of disorder having admitted to feeling always very tired, detached from her environment, sad, weepy, asocial, inability to open-up and letting her feelings known, apprehensive, thinking negatively most of the time and never trusted anyone excepting her mother and her husband to some extent. TREATMENT PLAN By the time it came to discussing the treatment plan, I knew that I needed to give and present H, with some facts as to the reasons for choosing - The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- (CBT) This being our 1st ever meeting, in front of a complete stranger, she appeared to have come to term that she can rely on me, since from the very start, I gave her unconditional guarantee that treatments are all confidential with her treatment plan being individualised to meet her needs using only information passed on by her. She was an attentive listener, allowing me to continue with my explanation uninterrupted. I had told her to make notes of words or points she did not understand, that
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