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------------------------------------------------- Case Analysis Guidelines & Checklist Overview: In many ways writing a short analysis paper (including recommendations and/or conclusions) is like writing an “action memo” or executive memo in business. The following sections go over how to organize and format your written work here in class and in the business world to be attractive to the reader and effective in getting your point across. Approach: * Read the entire case carefully before you actually begin to write the paper, and make careful notes (including your emotional reactions, which can be useful). Try to read the case once at least a few hours or a day earlier, and then again when you are writing the paper. This…show more content…
* (Optional). You may decide to add a final titled conclusion section of 25-100 words, including any parting thoughts you would like to add about the topic, the organization, or the situation, and any lessons from it you want to note. Format and Style: Boston University emphasizes standards of effective oral and written business communication, because these skills are important to your career success. Therefore you are expected to follow the requirements of good business writing and the specific requirements of the course. Failure to follow these rules (e.g. papers over length, excessive misspellings, incorrect citations, etc.) will result in papers being downgraded. Likewise follow Boston University’s rules on plagiarism and academic conduct. Specific requirements * Papers should be organized into paragraphs, written in complete sentences, and broken into clearly titled sections as per the outline above. Note that generally shorter rather than longer paragraphs make for better communication, and that it is better to have “too many” titled sections than too few. * Use correct spelling and grammar. You should use a spell-checking program on your computer, and * personally proof-read your papers. If English is a second language for you, ask an English speaking friend to check your writing and grammar for you. Remember to set the language of Word to English (U.S.) through the Menu. Also make sure you have

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