Cases And Labeling Theory : Case Analysis

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Cases and Labeling Theory
However, in further details we decided to write about two cases that have been solved one with a negative result and another with a positive outcome with racial bias in capital cases. “However, The Baldus Study has given a big lead to the disagreement in the allegations in the Georgia courtroom against capital punishment which has pertained to an African American in the equal justice”(Baldus Study,2015). Another important case in our court system is the McCleskey v. Kemp. McCleskey was presumably charged with the murder of an officer in Kemp, which the cop was white and McCleskey was black. During this trail the court had argued that there has been observed to be discriminated in various cases throughout our system. Thanks to the evaluation of David Baldus in his study, we can see the positive effect of the real outcomes with these cases. “Also the recognition of these published cases that have been passed in the protection against racial discrimination in appeals, which is called the Charging and Sentence study” (Baldus, 2015). There have been various cases such as Furman V. Georgia that has taken a positive turn in the reflection of the discrimination. Which Furman an African American was burglarizing a private home when a family member arrived and a firearm was accidentally fired when he fell. “This case was won in the outstanding results by a five to four vote, which was conflicting with the rights of the constitution and the eight
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