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Abercrombie & #Fitchthehomeless

1) Why did this crisis occur? Why did Jeffries’s comments trigger such a large response? 2) Evaluate A&F’s response. What could the company have done better? 3) What changes should A&F make?

1) How does the internet change traditional channel structures? Does the internet facilitate disintermediation, re-intermediation or can it do both? 2) Can an intermediary serving two customers avoid alienating one of the groups as it searches for ways to grow? If not, why? If so, how? 3) What is the value proposition for each of Autobytel’s customers? 4) What is the basis of Autobytel’s market leadership? Is it sustainable? Why or why not?
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b. What medium would you use to reach each of these parties and what would your relative resource allocation be to each? c. How would you price Cialis (assuming no health care coverage)? What types of promotions would you offer? 5) What competitive response would you expect, if any, from Pfizer? From Bayer-GlaxoSmithKline?

Cisco Systems

1) What has Cisco done to maintain its unique culture? What are the pros and cons of doing so? 2) Why has John Chambers decided to reorganize in 2001? What are the tradeoffs? 3) In terms of customer centricity, are any functions likely to be impacted more than others by this reorganization? 4) What advice would you offer John Chambers in managing Cisco’s culture through the transition?

Clean Edge Razor

1) What changes are occurring in the nondisposable razor category? Assess Paramount’s competitive position. What are the strategic life cycle challenges for Paramount’s current products as well as Clean Edge? 2) How is the nondisposable razor market segmented? What are the crucial elements of consumer behavior for nondisposable razors? 3) What are the arguments for launching Clean Edge as: a) a niche product; and b) a mainstream brand? Which would you recommend? What are the strategic implications of your recommendation? 4) Based on your positioning strategy, what brand name and marketing budget allocations would you advise?


1) How important has customer centricity

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