Cases around the Fourth Ammendment

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In addition, the individual’s expectation of privacy needs to be reasonable. Rosanna have a ten-foot fence surrounding the garden by her house. She has a reasonable expectation of privacy for the contents inside of that particular garden, and she expects privacy since she had put up a tall privacy fence for that purpose. However, she has no expectation of privacy for the open field garden located next to the road. This garden is in an open field, an expectation of privacy is unreasonable to a reasonable person. Since she did not put up any fence around this garden, it shows that Rosanna have no expectation of privacy for this garden. Therefore, the Fourth Amendment protection of individual’s expectation of privacy only protects the privacy of Rosanna’s garden next to her house and not the open field garden next to the road.
2) Based on the totality of the circumstances, the officer pulled Mr. Hightower based on unreasonable suspicion and no probable cause. Mr. Hightower from Metropolis drove a late model Corvette at around 3 am down Main Street does not arouse suspicion to a reasonable person. In addition, the arresting officer did not witness Mr. Hightower commit any traffic violation or any crime and it is legal to drive around the city at 3 am. The officer violated Mr. Hightower’s Fourth Amendment right of protection of unlawful…
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